Making cloud the best place to get work done

Managing cloud platforms via data centre tools, processes and team structures suffocates the strategic value of cloud.​ To realise the full potential of cloud, organisations need to shift to cloud centric ways of working. ​

DigiRen has extensive expertise with leading Cloud Platforms

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, DigiRen can help.​

We exist for one reason, to enable our customers to extract the maximum value from their investment in cloud-based services.  We do this by helping organisations assess and uplift their Cloud Operating Models – moving to modern cloud-centric ways of working. ​

Our advisory services cover the full lifecycle of a cloud operating model, from performing current state assessments and future state designs (& value analysis), working collaboratively within customers teams to uplift and implement new processes and ways of working, to helping organisations drive optimisation and continual improvement. ​

Chapter 1 – The First 10 Years of Cloud in Australia.​

The first chapter (decade) of public cloud in Australia strongly anchored “getting to Cloud” and indexed on technical themes such as landing zones, migrations, architecture and security. There is now a very tangible shift in focus, prioritising the need to uplift internal cloud capabilities to scale and “succeed in cloud”.

Top 5 Customer Challenges

“As the public cloud market continues to evolve, seeing multi-vendor & multi-solution ecosystems becoming the norm, this will drive even more need for organisations to adopt modern cloud-centric ways of working to leverage and extract maximum value from evolving cloud services.“​

The DigiRen Difference

DigiRen advisory services cover the full lifecycle of a cloud operating model, from advisory services that help design an organisation-specific cloud operating model, through the delivery stages of implementing, operationalising and optimising it. The cloud consulting and system integrator market is crowded, but five key traits differentiate us:​

​Singular Focus

Everything we do anchors on cloud operating models.  This concentration of energy and resources has allowed us to build world-class teams, processes and methodologies that are continually tested across industry sectors. There is no compression algorithm for experience.  Our dedicated focus on cloud operating models continues to provide us with exponential experience and improvement.​

Lean and Agile

Our engagement teams (delivery pods) are lean and agile, usually consisting of between 2-5 people. They bring critical skills and expertise and move quickly, working closely with internal teams and partners.​


We have seen that organisations that are self-sufficient and in control of their cloud operating model enjoy greater business alignment and value realisation.  To this aim, we help define a cloud operating model target state and roadmap, uplift internal cloud skills and capabilities, and embed new cloud-centric ways of working so organisations can take control of their cloud journey.​

Simplify the Complex

Cloud operating models by their nature are complex. At DigiRen we have proven frameworks and methods to simplify the complex. Our frameworks improve internal stakeholder alignment to take the entire organisation on the journey, allow for the creation of strategies and plans that are clear and actionable (no shelfware), and focus on business outcomes and increasing time to value.​


DigiRen is cloud platform and technology stack agnostic. We have no bias or “horse in the race” but have extensive experience working with all major public cloud platforms. You can be confident that we are not pursuing adjacent work such as cloud migrations, cloud engineering, application modernisation or cloud-managed services and that our focus is on the best choice for you, the customer.  This removes any conflict of interest and allows us to work harmoniously within your existing cloud and technology partner ecosystem.  ​

Hear Directly from our Customers

Program Delivery Engagement

"DigiRen rescued this cloud program with a remediation plan by restructuring our program teams and processes and improving alignment of our senior stakeholder group. DigiRen’s work enabled the bank to increase migration velocity by 200+% whilst also delivering a 25% YOY decrease in the cost of application migration.”

Advisory Engagement

"Other consultants just give you a list of technical recommendations. DigiRen considered the cultural change and managed key stakeholder expectations throughout the program, leading to a seamless implementation. Working with DigiRen was a very different and positive experience.”

Advisory Engagement

"DigiRen helped us clarify our thinking, priorities, dependencies and direction. Their recommendations were structured in a way that logically prioritised the work based on our requirements and strategy. Highly recommend!”